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  2. 48-49/50 pictures of John O’Callaghan. (uno//due)

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  3. "Live today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Just today. Inhabit your moments. Don’t rent them out to tomorrow."
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    Kyrkhärbre i Älvdalen/Sweden (1285)

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    My first collage of the year! Also, I stayed in New Mexico a few weeks ago- it looked a lot like this…

    © 2014 Sarah Eisenlohr
    Magazine collage

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    relationship status: (drives through the night while 80s synthpop plays in the background)

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    My newest one. Got it yesterday so it’s still little bit red and swollen.

    Tattoo studio: Kiss of ink, Trenton, New Jersey (the best studio and best prices!!)
    Tattoo artist: Brian


  9. "Love is so short, forgetting is so long."

    Pablo Neruda (via observando)

    "El amor es tan corto y el olvido tan largo." - Pablo Neruda.

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  10. When Mr. Thornton had left the house that morning he was almost blinded by his baffled passion. He was as dizzy as if Margaret, instead of looking, and speaking, and moving like a tender graceful woman, had been a sturdy fish-wife, and given him a sound blow with her fists. He had positive bodily pain, - a violent headache, and a throbbing intermittent pulse. He could not bear the noise, the garish light, the continued rumble and movement of the street. He called himself a fool for suffering so; and yet he could not, at the moment, recollect the cause of his suffering, and whether it was adequate to the consequences it had produced. It would have been a relief to him, if he could have sat down and cried on a door-step by a little child, who was raging and storming, through his passionate tears, at some injury he had received. He said to himself, that he hated Margaret, but a wild, sharp sensation of love cleft his dull, thunderous feeling like lightning, even as he shaped the words expressive of hatred. His greatest comfort was in hugging his torment; and in feeling, as he had indeed said to her, that though she might despise him, contemn him, treat him with her proud sovereign indifference, he did not change one whit. She could not make him change. He loved her, and would love her; and defy her, and this miserable bodily pain. 

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  11. Lovely #stainedglass window at the #chiesa #santamarianovella #beautiful

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    I don’t know what it means, but the handwriting is beautiful :) #streetart #graffiti #bella #venezia

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    perf mix of indie/fresh/tropical, follow ana:)))

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